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Vozmozhno, so the new version (v. ” (The following three years can not be: a huge amount of research has shown that separation from parents to three years for damaging the child’s mind. Health workers to the rule of law, of course, frankly inconvenient – and the fact that the four houses is on 8 people, and that parents intervene in the course of treatment and complain neporyadki. Seychas mainly professional societies: the insurers and physicians, as well as defenders of human rights of the family. But she had a burn: I could throw away from the daughter of a nurse. The problem, however, not only in trauma occurring during separation from parents, but in the elementary children’s safety and care for them. 09. Medical staff appointment and confuses drugs. One gets the impression that MPs are the principle “the worse – the better. No checks on time, whether complications occurred (if not split seams, if the temperature did not rise if there is bleeding). Irina Lukyanov 30. After this incident, I controlled the manipulation not only to my child, but the other four children who were without mothers. The hospital stay may be hazardous to life and health of children because of the actions or inaction of medical staff. And the law regards him seriously discussing kazhdogo. And 8-year old neighbor in the ward – six prints back to life, because my mother was not there. ” Public debate (began July 30) is not shaky or rolls: some activists beat the bells summoning the masses, but the masses awake. … We’ll be healthier obyazhem!

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