About the imaginary and real ways to the health or VOZZ you to help!

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After a no-brainer, which means “chronic fatigue”. They all made a conscious choice – choice of excellent health! This is a rarer and more valuable just because “kind. Flagellant – diagnosis! Ih philosophy of life originates in the vicious practice of medicine to treat not the patient, and disease. What to say about our “backyard civilization. Often tried many of the proposed market, there have been frustrated or even obmanuty. “Reputation Doctor is directly dependent on how many famous patients he has sent to the other world. The natural result – the return health, feeling forgotten the physical and emotional comfort, relief from the burden of long-term illnesses, medicine, and fed a hearty farmakologiyu. Pozhaluy, now difficult to find any medical condition in which the products by Vision does not have effect in the range of real relief (as minimum) and improved quality of life to the full redemption of the problem. Ostaetsya decide in what form you meet in person his desire to be (or not) be healthy. Thus topics such as self-diagnosis and self-healing organism using dietary supplements – just a blank zvuk. Representatives for this category of inexplicable passion inherent in that no matter what their diagnosis to know, if it has any significance for the recovery. Having ears – ears! ” Its representatives have more soberly assess their surroundings. A spell “mialgicheskaya entsefalomiopatiya” to teach six let.

Precious in life – your health! Their knowledge – like a suitcase without a handle: and be hard, and throw a pity. ShouSegodnya every third European is suffering from any chronic disease, the origin of which doctors do not know. Vse we have different opinions of the realities of the pieces on a chess board “games for health “. Org they share their invaluable experience of healing.

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