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It is an indisputable fact. The number of such contacts frighteningly large. What kind of 120 years of healthy life can there be if every hour and everywhere we are confronted with what is for the most immediate threat to life? Davayte frankly ask ourselves, can we change this? Food is becoming more and more synthetic and not even look like that once gave people by nature. Therefore, our philosophy – it is not just good health. And we know that we understood and accepted everywhere in the world. On the contrary, humanity stubbornly moving in the opposite direction. Yes, every person every second comes into contact with a corrosive environment for his health, whether it is the only breath on a busy street, a drink of water from the tap or a rude word detractors. The whole world has become a common information space. A book for only one medicine – hundreds of millions. Not at all. Yet much of this history – creation, progress, enlightenment. No us fortunate enough to live in an amazing time. Therefore, our philosophy is and international name – Whole Health Option. And it’s hard to say which contributed more to science. How many books can people read for your life? A thousand? And we know that health – is the unity of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, based on – a necessary quality of life. The more knowledge, more difficult to reach them. We declare that the highest destiny of man – to realize his potential in 120 years at the expense of achieving the necessary quality of life. But by itself the amount of knowledge – yet only half the battle. We can not even make the world perfect for our children. It is the philosophy of WHO. The world will not change either one day or one year or a lifetime. Therefore, we proclaim that life – an absolute value. Depleted world reserves of fresh water. Towns are growing, and the air in them is becoming dirtier. The world is too big and too dirty. Extracted it. This is two (!

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