Intestinal flora and health

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This means that people (especially children) get sick more often and harder, antibiotics do not help the overall picture of health is deteriorating. None of the chemical product does not make it as safe and effective! Let us consider the effect of beneficial microflora in women’s health, and what happens when the healthy microflora little or none at all. Thus, the useful microflora is useful by itself. And its absence is extremely dangerous. Some of them are useful and even necessary. The total mass of microorganisms that live in the intestines, is 3-5 kg. Okruzhayuschaya external environment inhabited by various species of microorganisms. Last 50 years – a period of particularly dire environmental degradation. And in terms of dry matter up to 80% of the intestinal contents. Microbes – a more ancient form of life, so – and more adapted. Useful microflora produce vitamins for us, – a synthesis of vitamin K, Groups B, C, folic and nicotinic acid. This has important functional significance: lactobacilli inhabiting the intestinal mucosa, pose on the surface of an environment conducive for growth and reproduction bifidoflory.

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