Health and color.

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He opens his eyes and sees the wallpaper to lift his spirits, because they are specially selected color. Dresses, and clothing colors to adjust its business footing, give confidence. – authoritative psychologist. Enough wish – and the disease will not stick, the vacant seat will be yours, the top prize in the lottery will get you. I started watching people who are the stars fall into the hands of twenty years ago. It sounds very un-scientific. Occupied as a. Therefore, one can not expect the same color will act at all odinakovo. Strange things sometimes come in the head scientist. - And did not the laws? - I agree, it is difficult to believe. So is the right choice of clothes and colors obstanovki. And it turned out great regularity. So listen to his opinion stoit. Explain how your laws work? Vliyanie a particular color to a specific person depends on many individual factors. Everyone is multi-faceted, unique. Even funny. – All this just seems unlikely. But Igor O. Told me that recently decided to see if you are lucky in the lottery to him: he started collecting corks from bottles of “Pepsi” – and won the top prize. So time, I developed a technology for color matching, which can make from the phone minions loser of this fate. I was lucky… Lyapunov believes that, once created the conditions for maintaining the health and personal success, people will move from success to success, from victory to victory. Psychologist Igor O. But it is not as great as people think. Buy you imagine, for example, a yellow shirt – and forget about all sorts of ailments. Of course, we can find common to all or, more precisely, for large groups of people. Have you ever wondered why some people, clever and workable in order to achieve something, we have to literally turn inside out, while others, lucky, get the same thing, without straining, by a happy coincidence? This program gives youth, health, charisma. Especially do not need anything.

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