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Sick society has passed the stage of chronic disease. On Combating severe illnesses such as cancer, and can not speak. Sorry for the sharpness of the address of official medicine. Therefore, to medicine and indifferent people should not be. It is more realistic, because each focuses on care of themselves, their own health, rather than dependency in the state of medicine. She unceremoniously rejected the natural cures. There is an urgent need to honestly explain to society the situation in medicine, and temporarily remove the slogan about the bankrupt state is concerned about the health of citizens. In many countries, health declared one of the most important objects of state attention. In many countries the population is increasing mortality. Everyone wants to save him, but sorry, that few things are doing to preserve health. The state slogan about health care to the citizens discredit the reality of the situation. Consequently, the concept of “health” should be closer to someone who is sick, but not the one who heals. Man weaned rid of the usual diseases by natural means. We are less and less belong to myself. State defines the priorities in medicine, approved by the official system of treatment of humans, drugs are introduced samples. Felt by those who heal and those who are treated. It has long been believed that health – is the physical condition of a person living on natural laws. Today, throughout progress of the disease. Against the backdrop of rapid development of science and technology and education dramatically increases rapidly medical ignorance. MD, Senior Fellow, Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology NAS of Ukraine Volodymyr Mosienko in one of the metropolitan newspapers, said: “For the outcomes of almost no one takes responsibility… Medicine in general is experiencing a deep conceptual, method Prelogical, social, moral, and, finally, the political crisis because it can not solve the problem of human factors in medical terms, to ensure social order for the health of the population. Modern medicine to cure thoroughly. Armed with chemical drugs, modern medicine has declared itself a monopoly in respect of the patient. Ultimately the choice will follow you. However, there is clearly manifested as a gregarious personality summarizes the methods of medical and drug exposure, without regard to its psychological peculiarities, demands, individual standards of living, accommodation, and spirituality. Deepening “mysterious” contradiction between medical science and practice. Without claiming to be the unanimous recognition, we could write: health – is the satisfaction of man his physical, mental and social status *. ” Under these circumstances more appropriate slogan would be: your health – your worries. But things are really bad there. What unites and divides the official and alternative medicine? I’m not saying you do not believe in modern medicine, nor does it call for compulsory recognition of alternative medicine. Requires its turn toward natural therapies.

|If your health is the health of your loved ones!

Only thanks to the courage and efforts of enthusiasts physicians practice prodolzhalas. Recorded the following times parasiticides: Salmonella tifi – 10 min; Mycoplasma sallivarum – 1116 with; Ureaplasma – 1200; herpes progenitalis – 34 min; lamblia intestinalis: in vitro (experiments outside a living organism) – 100; in vivo (experiment on / or within the living tissue of a living organism) – 15 unit min. A high accuracy of frequency gives the possibility of acting on the parasite, killing him. The technology used in 1934 proved to be a fantastic performance, but was criminally loyal to oblivion. This medical device has a devastating impact on the different types of microorganisms. Ponimayu that it’s hard to believe. “The first clinical trials have shown high efficiency of the device. In this connection, use the device once a nedelyu. The herpes virus is killed by the body for 34 minutes! Doctors delighted with the amazing positive results obtained by them in treating their patients with the use of these technologies! Can lead to a healthy norm for a few weeks or, at most, a few months of treatment in a comfortable home, or at work or in puteschestvii. The entire set consists of a core group of infections that occur in each seme. Pribor can be programmed using any of ten anti-parasitic programs that are selected out of 160 available in the program database Therapy-6 (which can be individually selected for the treatment of a large circle of pathologies caused by the presence of microorganisms). Efficiency techniques and confirmed by thousands of people and numerous clinical trials since 1993 and dozens of patents in different stranah. Treatment programs are simple, accessible and require no special training polzovatelya. Poslednie 2008-2009 improvement devices S.P. Konopleva series Life Energy DETA – a real revolution in the treatment and prevention of diseases of thousands! The microorganisms occurs within 3-4 days. Only possible to cure an infection which is already in the body-positive therapeutic effect is achieved due to good penetration of the electromagnetic field in the body. In a statistical analysis of frequently occurring pathogens were selected the most aggressive and common parasites. Life Energy DETA -AP-20 – high-performance medical device of new generation anti-parasitic for all semi. But check out today presents no difficulty. This medical device has a devastating impact on the different types of standard equipment mikroorganizmov. Vy already care about your health, or wait for the well-known fried rooster peck? Entered treatment programs for children, most often are carriers of ascarids, pinworms, giardia. Tehnologiya treatment proposed in 1993 by Russian scientist and inventor, academician Sergei Petrovich Konoplev, provided an opportunity to make this method of treatment available for virtually every cheloveka. Here are just a few of the results of thousands of examples: In 4800 men with chronic prostatitis were cured completely 4792! Terapiya based on the resonant frequencies of R. In the base Life Energy DETA-AP contains 13 programs: 1) “Drainage Therapy”, 2), “worming” 3) “Total protivoprotozoynaya” 4) “Candide” 5) “Staphylococcus” 6) “streptococci”; 7) “Escherichia coli”, 8) “Salmonella” 9) “SARS”, 10) “Herpes”, 11), “Ringworm”, 12), “Chlamydia”, 13) “Papilloma Virus». Each of them is intended to affect a certain type of parasite. Life Energy DETA-AP can be treated by specially developed programs. Forget about vaccinations and antibiotics!

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