Health – the most important value!

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Being healthy – it means to be a reliable support his family. Being healthy – it means to be employable, and therefore successful. In the literature, beginning with ancient Greek poems, describing the exterior of a handsome man emphasized the rich thick hair, whiter smile, bright eyes pr.. Being healthy – it means to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy its features. Being healthy – it means to be always in rulya. Health – the most important value! Sovremenny rhythm of the new demands. But soon the fashion palefaces beauties passed and no longer vozvraschalas. Whether you want to be treated by a person who is unable to cure himself? Priem should become the norm. Being healthy – it is fashionable, prestigious, profitable. If you are interested in finding a good job, then take care of your zdorove. And the question is not “how to be cured, if sick,” and “how to do so in order not to be treated – how to keep your health and stay healthy for many years. “At all times, health is considered the equivalent of beauty, and beauty – a sign of health. Otvet in this case a “Goodbye, mother! Healthy people will trust. Hurt him too busy. Take supplements – it’s as natural as jogging in the morning, to attend a fitness club, sauna or saunu. But seriously, what sick people do not like employers – it is a fact. V SBC is part of state policy, which has the purpose to preserve the health of the nation. What is left? Today, to be healthy – it’s not just beautiful. Itak, get sick now not profitable, the hospital now out of fashion. And then the paramount…… No, no eyebrows.

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