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They have to run, walk, gallop for the day about 7 km. How many hours a day student can read, write, solve, memorize without harm to health? Irregular pressure overload are particularly affected girls. Of Art. Pyati-sixth graders can not sleep at least 9. But children grow, they need to gain weight! Otherwise, kids just can not sit still, listen to, penetrate, zapominat. Appetite was poor. This is an ancient bacterium has from time immemorial man, however, doctors have suggested that earlier it was for us not so dangerous. Simptomy are: 1. 5-3 hours. A teenager – always grubit. Norma at home cooking lessons for students 5-6 classes – 2. However, the inflammatory changes in the gastric mucosa has already taken place in a moment, pain, frustration… Most often, this time coincides with studies in middle or high school. It is also a “warning bell” – is not it time to revise priorities in life – in the first place not to put good marks, but under strong zdorove. Soset lozhechkoyChto happens to children when at school age without exception they have the stomach starts to hurt? The three most common diseases of schoolchildren – myopia, gastritis, spinal curvature. What can parents do to change the situation? 5-10 hours without harm. Reasonable estimates normyPo Institute for Hygiene and the health of children and adolescents NTSZD Medical Sciences, 5 th grade For example, at 5-day working week in this very week, 28 lessons must be no more. Podvizhnost child – protection against overloads. The child has a cold forever. Follow his weight! So, ask for more house than you do in that time – nelzya. Gulyat every day they have three chasa. In mladsheklassnika from excessive loads of school pressure can rise to 115-120. 3. How much can you learn? A six-day – 31 lesson.

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