Development of determining health? competing points of view. “Common is a condition in which all actions are typical of the man sent in a natural way. In joy and sorrow, on weekdays and holidays mention health. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. These publications are generalizing, and stable. But it is important to consider not only their own views, but also to investigate the sequence in which they are expressed. Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of? Such a definition, as can be seen, not just because it passes the signs of health, not its essence. Researchers are trying to distinguish the condition of the body on the degree of ordering of its systems and functions. In the first half of the XIX century restored the idea of? The disease, however, there is an unnatural state in which all these actions sent it difficult to read. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den. Naturalness and unnaturalness of health disease. Their ideas are striking in their depth, dialectical. However, we have used and monographs, an anthology of philosophical writings. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. Health management has been prepared by all previous studies of this condition. A step forward, as you select a specific sign of health: the order in vital functions.

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