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It has long been believed that health – is the physical condition of a person living on natural laws. Requires its turn toward natural therapies. Who among statesmen, decades after the adoption of the language dares to declare that his country’s health care close to fulfilling its implementation? It is more realistic, because each focuses on care of themselves, their own health, rather than dependency in the state of medicine. On Combating severe illnesses such as cancer, and can not speak. The sooner society will hear the truth, the more quickly and seriously think about a person’s own health. I am sure that no one else. A living being created by nature and connected with it throughout life, can not be treated in isolation from it. Everyone wants to save him, but sorry, that few things are doing to preserve health. But things are really bad there. But life calls for a return to natural methods of treatment, because other are not very effective. With the rapid development of chemical science and chemical production rates, even on prescription drugs generally are rising. People are indifferent to their own health does not happen. More clearly visible the paradoxes of our time. Felt by those who heal and those who are treated. Deepening “mysterious” contradiction between medical science and practice. It is unrealistic, utopian, and even, I’m sorry, blasphemous, if obviously not feasible. MD, Senior Fellow, Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology NAS of Ukraine Volodymyr Mosienko in one of the metropolitan newspapers, said: “For the outcomes of almost no one takes responsibility… Medicine in general is experiencing a deep conceptual, method Prelogical, social, moral, and, finally, the political crisis because it can not solve the problem of human factors in medical terms, to ensure social order for the health of the population. But admit it’s still coming. Against the backdrop of rapid development of science and technology and education dramatically increases rapidly medical ignorance. Even in a developed economy, high level of organization of health care and public health focused training must first be a personal matter, and then to the public. In the deteriorating situation in medicine systematically reduced funding for its needs. Ultimately the choice will follow you. What unites and divides the official and alternative medicine? Unable to cope with the responsibilities assumed by the treatment of human medicine can not be solved to admit that the drug treatment system did not live up to expectations. In many countries the population is increasing mortality. Sorry for the sharpness of the address of official medicine. Today, throughout progress of the disease. The authority of medicine is in direct proportion to the actual state of health in society. Therefore, to medicine and indifferent people should not be. Sick society has passed the stage of chronic disease.

|Health and Nature

Kak see nature – a beautiful mistress of her kitchen and dishes out, complete in all respects. Vitamins are produced in plants is also under the influence of the sun, mainly vitamin C. The main batteries, and transmitters of solar energy are protein, fats and carbohydrates, which decay, release this energy. They contain a large amount of energy the highest quality and are provided with all the additional element-E, necessary for the assimilation and use of this energy. In nature, there are countless different varieties belkov. The heat also is one of its forms, it is necessary to maintain a normal temperature of our tela. Occurs it in green cells containing chlorophyll. Uglevody and fats – are energy and reserve materials. In this way the plants are fat, but with the addition of the soaked earth oxide, sulfur and phosphorus – are also proteins. A what’s going on in our kitchens, bakeries, our mills, processing plants? That ground is covered with spring greens, bathed in sunlight. In belkovovodnoy culture medium the cells of plants or animals occur all the phenomena of life and metabolic processes. And we draw from the nature of health, are the main draw vitaminy. Feel the joy of nature, we see how all life is strained and stretched toward the sun.

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