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Trichomoniasis-Vaginal inflammation of the vaginal walls, causing microbe belonging to the simplest flagellated. 80% of women worldwide suffer from various forms of women’s diseases. Gaskets are not only sterile but also 100% protect a woman from outside contamination and infection. Sanitary pads – products essential for zhenschiny. The surface is covered with sticky strips of edible glue. Ispolzovanie defective gaskets, may be one of the causes of many diseases, follow-up treatment which may be costly. Hormonal balance of the whole organism, is one of the main reasons why the emergence of diseases such as fibriomy, polycystic, fibroids, breast (benign tumors) as well as nodular and diffuse goiter.

Menstrual flow contains a large amount of organic substances that are 15-20 minutes, are fertile breeding ground for many bacteria and microorganisms. VAGINITIS-inflammation of the vagina is caused by pathogenic microbes. They are made only from natural materials, non-toxic, contain no chemical additives that cause allergies. 05. FGUZ “Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Moscow”, gaskets «Love Moon» manufactured under a quality system certificate, only the substances that come into contact of foods. CYSTITIS, in the etiology of cystitis the leading role of infection, the penetration of pathogens into the bladder. Anion chip generates a stream of high-density anions, releasing ionised oxygen, which neutralizes the anaerobic environment, eliminates bacteria and viruses that can cause inflammation of the female genitalia. The organism is open to the bacteria that cause inflammation in women. Kazhdaya woman uses these products, on average, for 40 let. This is a unique product on the market hygiene products for women! Causes a disturbance of ovarian function. Acid-base balance, healthy woman, in weakly acid condition, having immunity against bacteria. Gardnerellez – total loss of vaginal immunity alkalization vaginal environment. In terms of health benefits, anion towels «Love Moon», the company “Winalite” are a perfect combination, the quality, therapeutic properties and comfort. The cause infection, which can remain permanently in the tissues, causing inflammation of the new. All gaskets, which are available on the market today use oilcloth, not breathable, coated with a technical adhesive. Continued use of products Winalite, from month to month, the full satisfaction of the results of using the solution of many problems in gynecology is due to elimination of the causes and consequences of not – this is all that is important for women: quality, comfort and healing properties. The causative agent is the different microflora (staphylococci, eshehirii, gonorrhea, etc. Using a gasket “Love Moon” Winalite, women are so amazing effect that in the future, refuse to use other pads. THRUSH-mucosal damage yeast fungus Candida. Infection occurs on the surface of the endometrium to the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Department of State of Russia, Quality Control, conducted a series of checks on the market hygiene prokladok.

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