Health Magazines deceive readers with Photoshop

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“She was so skinny that put these photos on the cover of the magazine there was no way,” – said Jane. Jane Drucker has promised that more of this in practice, it will never be the log. The Director Eleni Renton modeling agency believes that the mere fact that retouching of images for such publications – a sign of ill health. But to bring this process to an absurdity, injuring the psyche and the fate of people is unacceptable. Eti images can be called “Before and After. Redaktor Jane Drucker took criticism and made further recognition. First, the thinness is not synonymous with health, but rather the opposite. But this “size zero” is considered the standard, ideal for which to seek millions of women. The fact that the magazine Healthy company “End Holland Barrett» (Holland & Barrett) was caught at fraud with images turned out to be just the tip of aysberga. Instead of shooting for the cover of people with normal physiological parameters, they began to process the image in Photoshop pathological hudyshek. True, the reaction to the criticism was unhealthy. Of course, completeness is hazardous to health and the fight against excess weight for the modern woman is very urgent. The fact that her image was changed using a computer program. Skinny models, balancing on the verge of anorexia are a perversion, which is issued by the norm. When harmony is issued for a painful thinness, it’s not a prank and not a small thing. And what about other publications? Second, the massive fraud on the part of health journals is a crime against society. Thus, in the subconscious mind and introduced an unattainable ideal, the pursuit of which brings international companies pribyli.

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