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But this can not be said about vegetables – the prices are quite affordable. But this may be the first alarming phone calls requiring an immediate response, and if no action is taken, there is a risk of more serious violations, which will eventually grow into a pathology. Deystvitelno, many Russian families really can not afford to buy the fruit often, prices are relatively high – pears, grapes, kiwi. Let’s wait for it – after all, in essence, this means that three people suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease, one would have stayed healthy. The matter of national stereotypes supply established for centuries: the Russians stubbornly refuse to eat fruits, vegetables, potatoes, preferring vegetarian dishes with meat. Dry statistics? If you ask the question: ‘What do you prefer to have a snack? Is not it true – there is cause for reflection. Or best friend? Neobhodimo mind that fruit – a product of “nebrendovanny,” and we are all under tremendous pressure from advertising and not think about the health properties of foods. 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

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