The course “Health in Ba Zi”

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I want to reiterate that the course very clear and well struktuirovan. The second part – it’s the influence of the 5 elements and their interactions on our health. But all this does not mean that after the course, we immediately become doctors of Chinese medicine and are able to diagnose:) The main idea of? Stolen. I’m expecting a baby, of course, like any expectant mother worried about how will delivery what fate awaits my child, what his abilities are and what dangers are threatening… So flocked fact that, my friends who know about my hobby all began Ba? Seychas came a time I have. – not only the instructor of the International Academy of Feng Shui, but also the candidate of medical sciences. In our world there is such a thing as synchronicit. ” After a course of peeped in their Ba Zi, because the best way of learning new information to pass through itself.?

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