Secrets of the Women’s Health

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“Who will run the household, to whom will the children? A sick you are, remember, no one wants, no husband, no stranger man! It is proved that the ability to forgive and forget an insult avoids the destruction of man within. Sekrety Women’s health: all diseases, child, from nerves, this is not the emotions, and proven science facts: the cause of almost all diseases, physical ailments are the nervous system. Their relationship with medicine it builds several different. Sick woman none of the above is not necessary. Today a woman has a special, different from the past, a place in society and the family. Yes, I have same rights as men to feel bad, hurt, but do not want this, do not adjust to it. For example, it is on our shoulders the following tasks: – do not pay attention – to reduce the “tragic” event with the help of depreciation, reducing its importance, first of all for herself.

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