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The last time we started talking about the impact on the health of the interior, but only limited microclimate. In any event, passing through the window light is not so useful, so you should use every opportunity to open wide the windows to sunshine freely penetrated pomeschenie. Chto concerns lamps, emit ultraviolet germicidal lamps only special, but they DO not be used for lighting the room, because they can cause very great harm to health. Then had a value of what material the house is built (because it still maintained wooden houses), a climate in the area. Incandescent lamps make better use with a matte finish, as they are better than normal scatter light and not blind glaza. V times past the notion of comfort was somewhat different. In contrast to this cozy room a positive effect on zdorove. Lampy for fixtures come in two types: incandescent and fluorescent lamps, also known as fluorescent lamps. However, the serious disadvantage of these lamps is that they are micropulsations light, which is tiring your eyes. At the time, including bacterial. Svet in the apartment – this is one of the main components of the interior. You understand from the quality of lighting is not only mood but also vision. It should be borne in mind that the glass is half retard ultraviolet rays, or even more – it depends on the material of glass, thickness, purity, and their number in the frame (one or two). In the spectrum of conventional incandescent and even fluorescent light of these rays is not so clear how important sun exposure at least some time each day. These lamps are used only in order to disinfect the premises. So fluorescent lights are best suited for large rooms, offices, classes, and at home it is recommended to use the lamp nakalivaniya.

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