What determines health?

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The positive effect of the transition to sustainable lifestyles delayed for months, sometimes for years. Na my opinion, it is interesting that the concept of a healthy lifestyle is to some extent, individual, and depends on many parameters., which determine the optimal set of tools to work with your body. I proceed from the principle of equivalence and their взаимозависимости. Ultimately, the availability of this knowledge will allow each person to follow a healthy lifestyle to increase their health and active dolgoletie. “Health is not everything, but without health – nothing,” SokratVsemirnaya Health Organization (WHO) defines four major factors that affect the health of modern man: • Genetic factors – 15-20%; • environment – 20-25%; • health care – 10-15%; • conditions and lifestyles – 50-55%. To some extent this is the human development in the broadest ponimanii. This can and should do more of each, do not be indifferent to him and his fate, become an example for their families, especially children.V result of following a healthy lifestyle, a person begins to change. For example: age, sex, social condition, the type of higher nervous activity and morpho-functional type, etc. So, unfortunately, quite often people just “try”, but do not get quick results, make the jump to conclusions that it was not for them. And here arises the question of lack of knowledge among the population valeological. By the way, “valueology” (from the Latin valeo-«be healthy”) – the science of how to be healthy, differs significantly from the medicine that studies disease.

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