How to lose weight, but not health?

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That may be so, because it can not be that, if I had something but was not. Proper polezno. Zakon 1. Every day of my life! Stable results are achieved only regulyarnostyu. On a diet does not sit on it live. There is no sugar in tea and kofeKofe breaks at work is a ritual. We need to live a little, we do not plow the land. Glass of water before edoySlopaem less verified. Initially, these hopes were justified. A frightened “shrinkage and outage” the body, if its hard not to drink, do not give a gram or milliliter of their tissue in his life depends on it! T sandwich Auger can, I’m here with cheese and butter on white bread very much. I thought, revered and has developed a system of “every day”. ” Embody the principle of life following tips will help. No bread, no fat, no potatoes and buckwheat. The figure should not abide price zdorovya. You can chop! Breakfast, lunch, uzhinBudem at least strive for regularity. And live fully, not surviving, and bring their health benefit, not harm. Povtoryu, it must abide by “in life” and not “before the holidays. We often take the thirst for hunger. And I am not poisoning the banquet lean look and a blank plate. Tea, soup, oranges, beer not included. Among them are seemingly self-evident. Proper diet is ratsion. Even a banana, even though he had a high-calorie. If the edge of a plate sank, will not halve, and half put. Zakon 2. Sovet 7. Because spending a crazy amount of calories for hard labor. Eto laws can not be violated, not to harm sebe. Tip 2. Sovet 9. How much of this intelligence, how much dignity is correct. Teper actually about nutrition. Food, which we want to live life, be full and balanced. But time did not stop me too. But not a lot, but a handful. ” Act 3. So, down with the hunger strike “for the holiday! Then it was unfashionable. But live mostly greens. But closer still to the apes than to the amplitude and the wolves. And quietly, seemingly without reason I moved out of tight jeans in the increasingly prostornye. If your weight is 70 kg, this means that you need more than 2 liters of water per day. But do not roll or sandwich, and fruits and vegetables. And at the banquet table, place a piece of cake, but cut thinner. Need more zelenogoNam and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates, and fiber to the Independent. Sovet 1. Net before obesity was far away. Oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch, soup for lunch, yogurt for lunch, fish and salad for dinner and warm milk or tea with honey for the clock to sleep Well this is poetry, not diet! Teper the rules. Less portsiyaZaglyanite in habitually filled his plate. I “only” no longer recognize myself in the mirror.

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