What determines our health

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2. Most of the people themselves make their existence unbearable, poisoning the lives of fears, anxieties, worries, anger, lust, envy, zloboy. 6. Speed? JUSTICE (55 points) Justice – the main condition of macrobiotics. Retention increases with vozrastom. People are quick and precise action, as well as those who are willing to answer the call or a call to be in good forme. That is why is there so much unhappiness. But true health begins when reached in an amount not less than 60 points. If you do not take up the resolution of more and more difficulties you porazheny. Rassmotrim them more podrobno. These criteria deserve mentioning. 40 or more score would indicate that people in good shape. 1. This requires serious work on themselves. FAST AND JUDGMENTS PERFORMANCE (10 points) A person in good health should be able to fast, regular and graceful thoughts and actions. - this is an expression of freedom. GOOD MOOD (10 points) Let go of anger!

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