The long-awaited law on health and sick leave for a new

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According to her, the dead girls were in the so-called “risk zone”: as a teenager – from 11-12 to 14-15 years and early adolescence – from 14-15 to 17-18 years. And while the country has institutions and specialists able to perform the necessary types of transplantation. © Okutina Yu, H. As long as the preparation of documents, precious time is running out. The investigation has opened a criminal case on “incitement to suicide. V September FSS introduced a computer application that allows you to type in the data sheet of temporary disability. Agreed with him and Dozortseva, which believes that social networks often act smoothing, protective factor. Now, Russia banned children’s organ donation. Also, the head of the fund, it is possible that the very form of hospital will be significantly simplified in the new form can be put into circulation in the second quarter of 2012 and goda. Petersburg, two 15-year-old classmate crashed by jumping from the window of an apartment on the tenth floor of a house on Avenue Bogatyrsky (Primorsky region). On Sunday in St. This thesis has demanded clarification and return the document to the second chteniyu. Petersburg and Moscow – came two pairs of suicide. However, this program does not cover earmarked for all medical institutions of Russia, just as available for download on the site FSS. In addition, Saversky approves transfer of liability and property from municipalities to the level of the subject federatsii. Fill in forms by hand, doctors had to print. The expert notes that for the first time the Russian legislation in the field of medicine the patient is placed in the center of the health system. Suitsid SMIZa last week’s two largest cities of Russia – St. He noted that on this occasion will be introduced some amendments. Sarsekov, S. The bill has caused much controversy among patients and among health soobschestva. ” On Wednesday night in the west of the capital of two girls born in 1993 from the balcony of the house folded 19 to Lake Street. In addition, according to Roshal, the state now does not create good conditions, in particular social, work for doctors. However, those sites and discussion, where suicide and death in general is given a kind of romantic aura of the noble way out of difficult situations, can lead to the opposite rezultatu. ” Social networks allow you to transfer this stress in a gentle manner, he said. Meanwhile, almost all countries of the world children are allowed to posthumous donation (among them Spain, France, Germany, USA, Austria, Belgium). Prezident League for the Protection of Patients’ Rights Saversky Alexander notes that although the law is contradictory in many respects, it has a positive side. According to him, it is important to correctly interpret and apply this information to the media: the less the information is distributed, so it agrees luchshe.

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