BAA “Scarce”: health – this is good, disease – is poorly

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KROHAYODINYod is an essential element on which it depends how the thyroid gland. KROHAYODIN – an excellent source of iodine. All this suggests that children like adults, need dietary supplements. 1. An excellent supplier of iron to the body of the child is a dietary supplement KROHAFERIN, which provides a very high absorption of this element. That should do adults. Disturbances in the body that have occurred due to the lack of this element can last a lifetime. Vse BAA series of children’s Mites are absolutely safe. Zinc deficiency may affect intelligence, cause impaired immunity, including antitumor, inhibit sexual development. Iron deficiency causes anemia, “hypoxia” (hypoxia), disruption of the brain, heart and kidneys. The lack of this element can also help to reduce appetite, the appearance of the skin inflammation in adolescents. It’s better to drink a course of dietary supplements “KROHATSINK”, and then take up the KROHAFERIN, or do naoborot. Mental retardation and reduced mental abilities may also be due to iron deficiency. Biologicheskie supplements Mites will give your child’s health, and you – joy! KROHAKALTsINKaltsy – an essential element for the child. If he is healthy, happy and parents. 3. Technology Center offers rejuvenating use only Russian biologically active additives crumbs, created specifically for detey. It enhances immunity, physical strength and endurance, and increases the resistance of children to infectious zabolevaniyam. However, we note that even high-quality products have lost their usefulness. The life path of each human being begins with infancy. It takes into account the individual needs of the child’s body in this important elemente.

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