What is a healthy lifestyle?

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Zdorove – this is correct, the normal activity of the organism, its full physical and mental well-being. Esli you will conscientiously monitor your body and mind, then your spirit will be in order. Poetomu as popular wisdom says: “Take care of your health from an early age. Scientifically proven – thoughts are material. – I think not. D. Why am I talking about health as the harmony of body, mind and spirit. A healthy beggar happier patient korolyaArtur ShopengauerPrezhde than to understand what a healthy lifestyle, you must first determine what the health tselom. A healthy lifestyle that certain acts committed by a person to maintain this garmonii. For what life would have brought joy enough to earn a lot or be “the most intelligent. And spirit is derived from the idea (ie the mind) and body. ” And really, if you think about why a person a million dollars in the bank, if confined to a wheelchair or hospital bed?

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