What and how to affect the health of adolescents?

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It is also necessary to trace a teenager is keen on music, if there are any obscene or offensive words. Hotelos would give further consideration to how and what affects the health of adolescents, as psychological and physical. Most often, teenagers are observed violations of weight, lack of calcium or a vitamin (which leads to dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss), eating disorders, acne and skin rashes and many other diseases. Need to instill in him a positive attitude to healthy lifestyles, to talk about reproductive health, as well as to share with your teen information about changes in the body during puberty, as well as family planning. As a child, he had a favorite toy, life was fun and relaxing, you can just run around with friends on the street, play and nothing to think. It is important to warn teenagers of early sexual activity, as well as talk about contraception. Teenagers also need to know about serious illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, and many others. The best way – it’s easy communication. Each adult man forever remembered for that brilliant moment in life when he was a teenager. During this period, a growing body needs to get a certain amount of vitamins, fats and proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Esche one very significant point is that sex education of adolescents. It is therefore necessary cheer teenager to respect his desire to become for him drugom. In adolescence, children are often a bad mood, they are thin-skinned. It is important to observe how videogames teenager gives his preference, and not whether they will to his mental rasstroystvu. The teenager – not a little, but not yet an adult, not formed personality. It is important to see to it that have not

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