Health and nutrition – how to make the diet effective tool

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No more than one spoon at blyudo. So now the appropriate services can afford to write: “In our pockets too little money, but we know that the” need to think about health. This is especially true of men and cancer prostaty. Yes, over the years the Italians have been taught that we should eat right, no matter what. There are bread, pasta and potatoes, not forgetting that there should be 55% of calories from whole foods in den7. Do not forget rybu9. In the words of Eastern wisdom, the body must be maintained in good working condition so that it does not interfere with doing what hochetsya. Do not eat, and vkushat. Which again leads to an increase in mood and family closer pary. Do not overdo it with sauces and the like. I here’s a new recipe for what to do to make your diet give maximum results and that you do not stray from the “righteous path”: dieting with muzhem. 6. Together to engage in physical uprazhneniyami3. However zavtrakat4.

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