Health of the Nation, as a national idea?

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What are shaking hands will raise from the ruins of our economy? Some of the ancient said: “We are what we eat. Yet another aspect. There are several signs. Well, what, say, health is necessary to have in order not to fall into a swoon of prices in markets and grocery stores? World Health Organization recommended safe for the nation’s alcohol consumption should not exceed 6 liters per year, that is, for men it is about 25 grams of pure alcohol per day for women – up to 16 g. So the health of the nation is still in great danger. The health of all and each – the nation’s health – this is the matrix, the root from which grow the state tree. Far-sighted policy, the country of impeccable historical mistakes. How many years is now living an average Ukrainian woman? How to determine the great state of your country or not? Which drug blasted the children’s eyes reflected the dawn of a new era? The revival of the church as an institution, to no avail. And what a strong mind to be so without insulting epithets aloud to listen to whatever they say and try to implement our policies – “servant of the people. ” Moreover, each new occasion occurs, almost an ovation. Health of the nation, as much in that sound… Most people believe that this term laid primarily physical health. Now some numbers. The impression is that apart from vodka and beer, people do not need anything. And how he will live tomorrow? A strong, stable economy, which guarantees a piece of bread, and even with the oil to anyone who loves and knows how to work with. So we eat in the “fast food”, and home cook in the microwave try anything for a quick hand of the semis, bought in the nearest supermarket. You can believe it or not, benefit from the harsh provisions relating to waiver of certain products in a given period – no doubt because the body can in this period of self-cleaning of malware, what we consume on a daily basis. But let’s be poryadku. A mental health is directly connected with all that surrounds us. This, if anything, is that unifying national idea, which vainly seeks a generation of politicians and thinkers. Any educational institution begins with swimming pool and courts, rather than classrooms and desks. In addition to physical health, there is a health psy

Archical. We have too many holidays, too many reasons to “consume. Soulful, delicate culture, promoting the growth of social consciousness. And how not to use if alcohol advertising on television captivated the evening until it stops. From the fact that people come to the major religious holidays in the church, only to dedicate the water or food, spiritually they do not get it from. Ni’s no secret that good health Ukrainian citizens, alas, do not shine. Comes to the fact that the saints vodka. It suffices to observe that our citizens will consume, and how they do it. The priority of basic science over pseudo-scientific immediacy. But, people somehow believe positions the exclusive domain of deeply religious citizens.

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