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And this is the main error. But it is also used, and also lost other vital substances, which are our source of energy and building material. Ask questions. The main thing I use it all properly and do not ignore one of the most important determinants of good health – a factor pitaniya. I strive to make you understand that the secret of health in our relation to the simple truths, but not for drugs. V the same time, the excess of certain substances leads to negative consequences. Everything is essentially biochemical processes, including the occurrence of pain and even cause and also a reaction to stress. U someone raised the question what relation to pain and stress has the power. But the consumption of something requires replenishment. The short answer is – a direct and large. Nepravilno food only once a source of energy and accentuate just how many calories at that consumed much burned. Lack of magnesium, iron, vitamins B6 and B12 all can cause pain, anxiety, fear and various narusheniy. And how much of this information around. Yogurt, tomatoes, berries, fish, white meat chicken and turkey, broccoli, garlic, onions, herbs, almonds and bananas. If it is difficult to understand. Why kill yourself excess flour, sugar, salt, tremors, bad fats, and alcohol. Water is involved in all processes of life. The human body is two-thirds of the water. Everything in our body vzaimozavisimo. And you will live happily ever after. V Internet myriad of articles on these topics, but for some reason, people still do not consider these issues of paramount importance.

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