Health of the Nation, as a national idea?

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But embedded in our traditions since ancient times such wonderful things as religious positions. Well, how not to believe that vodka and beer – our all? Ni’s no secret that good health Ukrainian citizens, alas, do not shine. Soulful, delicate culture, promoting the growth of social consciousness. Which, in turn, directly affect those, for example, processes such as inflation. Yet another aspect. The revival of the church as an institution, to no avail. We have too many holidays, too many reasons to “consume. And not only because poor environmental situation. We ridicules them kichas some abstract spirituality, but actually plunged into the abyss of a general disease, which has one million names. Health of the nation, as much in that sound… Most people believe that this term laid primarily physical health. How to determine the great state of your country or not? ” Moreover, each new occasion occurs, almost an ovation. From the fact that people come to the major religious holidays in the church, only to dedicate the water or food, spiritually they do not get it from. In addition to physical health, there is a health psy

Archical. The priority of basic science over pseudo-scientific immediacy. A politician who actually thinking such categories as “the nation’s health ‘, thinks strategically, and not enough for short-term” projects “and not taken on the back of future generations the burden of their debts – to the nature or foreign creditors. A centuries-old traditions of the Slavs zrya. O drinking a special subject. So the health of the nation is still in great danger. This is partly true. The time now is that the preparation of a normal healthy meal we do not have neither the time nor the energy. Tea from tea bags, instant coffee, milk from powder, yogurt, without the beneficial bacteria… The list goes on. Any educational institution begins with swimming pool and courts, rather than classrooms and desks. This, if anything, is that unifying national idea, which vainly seeks a generation of politicians and thinkers. Far-sighted policy, the country of impeccable historical mistakes.

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