Why «Siberian health?

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A way forward for the promotion of products, we chose direct sales as the most promising business model. «Siberian health” – is one of the most dynamic companies in the direct sales industry. Patents on the basic design. Our mission – to create a world for human health. The system of direct sales is that you represent the Company’s products, based on personal experience, that is telling people that liked it or help you personally. Human relations – is the main driving force of the System. The Company has two types of income: Personal selling – it’s a guaranteed 25% retail profit on products you sell yourself or your clients have purchased on your recommendation. Who Should our offer Direct sales – an effective way to make money or achieve financial independence. For that you get 10-12% of the wholesale turnover of your entire structure. Our partners are working successfully in Russia and the CIS, Europe, Asia and USA.

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