Sex and Health

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It is true that sex involves risk – you can lose your life or give it to another creature…. Sex and activates the immune system, which is most active at night. So before you do “recovery body”, think about all the possible posledstviyah. Recently, studies were conducted on how the lack of sex effect on human life. 3. It is known that health can not buy, so we all want to be healthy: eat right, engage in sports, tempers the body. 5. 4. Cortisone, which ensures the appearance of distinguished happiness. But we must remember not only the causes and consequences, and such as the ability to pick up sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Pomogaet against depression. Balance – the result of regular sex, because the body is set garmoniya. Preryvchatoe breathing during orgasm leads to a deep breath during the relaxation: thus the blood is enriched kislorodom. 2. Zhelayu nice treat, because when they do not spring more thing I want to feel healthy… Snimaet voltage. And you know the consequences until the next den. Splash of passion can cause so much trouble, like a sprain, the vaginal muscles, microtrauma mucosal redness and abrasions. Snizhaet aggressiveness, and in its absence, this aggressiveness aktiviruetsya. Vyrabatyvaet immunity against the flu! They are at least seven reasons, which should encourage people to engage in seksom.

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