Water and health

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We must acknowledge that the information medicine – it is not opening of modern science and ancient, forgotten part of treatment methodology. Information or holistic medicine has a huge arsenal of healing methods to help people discover their own potential for health. The main occupation of the Slavic magi was treated with water. People knew that each of us lies the matrix of health, which contains all the information necessary for the healing and were able to activate it. It can also seep or leak. In the case of herbal medicine, vibrational pattern of the plants transferred to the water in the preparation of extracts, tinctures, decoctions. She is able to heal physical and mental illness, to manage the viability of the organism, affecting cellular metabolism, harmonize our energy with the outside world. In therapeutic purposes was prepared and used in different chemical and power of water. Their cause lies deep within us. In any religious tradition, water has always been the mediator between spirit and matter. In recent years, made many discoveries and wrote volumes of scientific papers. In different cultures, there are ancient sacred healing and rejuvenation technique that has been handed over bestowal medicine probably from the time of creation. Disease – a violation of the harmony between the outer world (macrocosm) and the inner world of man (the microcosm). Water can store and share an incredible amount of information that is not able to And one technical support. Mobility of water molecules react to the slightest impact energy (sound, images, thoughts, etc. Precisely because of its fluidity, water – the ideal storage medium. Hence – “twiddle” Looking at the water magicians have information about past and future. ), fixing in the cluster structures. Transfer of information is healing in many different ways. Initially, they treated it to hydrotherapy.

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