Clean dangerous for your health!

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I wish that Amway was not the only such company to look at the Russian consumer. Unsafe concentrations of surfactant are preserved up to four days. But even received a certificate only guarantees that we will not poison and does not spoil your hands. Many consumers are trying to protect themselves from the harmful effects of such goods, use folk remedies. For example, the hair is rinsed with nettle extract or lemon juice is used in bleaching. But most importantly, this injury caused by defective products. What to choose? 3) If possible, purchase products at retail stores in which products are delivered directly from the manufacturer, bypassing the middlemen. This means that the remnants of detergent remain in our bodies, causing allergies, depression, hypertension, cancer and other diseases. Or better yet, that Russian producers have offered us something like that. How is it, because we were sure that gets on the shelves only certified product, which means – quality. How not to get lost in the flow of ordinary consumers a bright, promising advertising? And so fosfatosoderzhaschie goods are dispatched in third world countries, including Russia. Is the quality of the product to our needs? Experts say that even a tenfold rinsing in hot water is not completely relieve the fiber from the chemicals. ), surfactants, sodium 2) you select a company should be responsible for the quality of products, giving it a guarantee and refund if you have something did not suit you purchased a product.

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