About the imaginary and real ways to the health or VOZZ you to help!

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Join the “Health Option” show by example that being healthy is not just real, and available to every sufferer who spend their lives in a cold hospital stenah. Each of you can walk this path and regain the same Often tried many of the proposed market, there have been frustrated or even obmanuty. Most small but steadily growing group of optimists who can “go up one time more than the fall”, which is characteristic of the winners. What to say about our “backyard civilization. 2. Ih philosophy of life originates in the vicious practice of medicine to treat not the patient, and disease. As a result, any doctor-Orthodox Jews still did not cure any disease without compromising the patient’s health. Therefore, there is no result which is an indicator of the true intentions. On the imaginary and real ways to the health or VOZZ you to help! Looking for someone else’s results – their well-deserved! Their knowledge – like a suitcase without a handle: and be hard, and throw a pity. ” Therefore unlikely to go over health costs to treat those with Voltaire put a very precise diagnosis: “Doctors – those who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure diseases of which they know even less, people about whom they do not know nothing at all. Znayut slightly more than the first, but only in theory. Vse we have different opinions of the realities of the pieces on a chess board “games for health “. Pozhaluy, now difficult to find any medical condition in which the products by Vision does not have effect in the range of real relief (as minimum) and improved quality of life to the full redemption of the problem. 3.

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