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Every sentence is full of energy building up health, imbued with great faith in the healing power of prirody. Paul Bragg, teaches you how to spiritually elevate, strengthen the heart, the nervous force, eat right, natural way to prepare for maternity, master the art of conjugal love, strengthen muscles, to temper the body to breathe, clean the body of toxins, lose weight, improve your spine, improve vision, to strengthen hair and much, much more vital and useful, covering virtually all aspects of a healthy ¬ formation for life. These books are filled with optimism. Preface perevodchikaPolya Bragg called a great teacher of health. Knigi written in simple, but very bright and of ¬ different language. ” Probably, this book is not one of my readers are not left untouched. At the initiative of Paul Bragg in the United States opened the first stores of organic products. Paul Bragg is a consultant in public health issues ¬ GOVERNMENTAL figures, movie stars, famous athletes, and edited one of the first journals in physical education. Following Mechnikov, Paul Bragg is taking pute ¬ processions in those districts where people enjoy good health and long ¬ goletiem, acquainted with the peculiarities of their lifestyle and nutrition, Sobey ¬ raet recipes for healthy dishes. But as fate, he came to the famous Dr. A thorough study during their stay in the sanatorium of the medical literature from a rich library ¬ theca Dr. Sleduya their program, Paul Bragg has reached an amazing health, top physical and spiritual perfection. Augustus Roleru, who used only natural ¬ vennye methods and treatment factors (sun, fresh mountain air, natural foods and exercise). Until the last days of his life he was engaged in running, long-lasting pro ¬ booming, mountain climbing, biking, fast dancing, tennis, winter swimming ¬ eating, swimming and surfing. V name Paul Bragg joined recently. He has collaborated with the famous plant breeder Luther Burbank in growing organic fruits and vegetables.

|To succeed you must have excellent health

And if you do not want to pinch yourself – you suddenly died (La)? This ability is called in different ways, such as “secret” or “supernormal. Believe me, nothing “super” in their ways to achieve the planned there. For the success of a few, but more on that later. This can be done very simply. Always one step ahead, so to speak ‘on the crest of a wave’ of life, and so on and so forth…). That’s what I want you to share thoughts (observations). Having a job in the shower (not necessarily paid) 8. ” Without health nothing else. Throughout our communication with you, I will try to explain. Always have breakfast, lunch dinner and 150, preferably 200 grams (strong or fortified) 3. To achieve success in life must be, above all, to organize themselves. For example, you like the kind of thing (an expensive car or a luxurious house), but you can not buy it, but this thing is just you need, just limit your dreams. There is a golden rule, “to locate the person to himself, it is necessary that he saw in you a good listener,” because everyone wants to be sure that people listen to him and take part in its affairs, as most, basically, people are interested in their personal Positive problem at all… Everything described here is the “smallest building blocks of a strong wall” in the name of success. How? Here you can and should seek to realize their dream. But, alas, it does not happen (or rather – very unlikely).

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