Health dearer!

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A these ideals and values? Pervaya benefit – you will not spend money on drugs that are all over the world (especially – we have) more expensive. The result of more than deplorable: the state has paid compensation billion francs – by the victim, or their relatives still alive. Vvedennye good habits will give their rezultaty. Ekonomit Today on ezheutrennem Chlorophyll, TNT, Nutri Bern – it’s dangerous. Every day, waiting for the body of protein, vitamins, minerals. V times of economic crisis (there have been many in recent memory), people start spending squeezed to the vital. Kto not stored sacks of flour and sugar? A that, in fact, is absolutely indispensable in the human diet? Put their values? ” Read a book better in the morning – braces are better than coffee (saving some! ) And sober (in the sense – deprive of illusion. They must be ingested every day, and they are difficult to find in the sausages, cottage cheese, and even in moloke. Patriotism and economy (so cheaply, then) took over. Bread, milk, sugar, salt, matches, soap, – post-war list of “most important” items has not changed very much, but it clearly requires dopolneniy. S. What I personally can you do against the idiotic phrase “everyone wants to be like her? Influenza is not just mowing down infected – it podkashivaet weak! But the media form the world your children – try to compete! The rising generation will adjust our efforts, and learn the (perhaps) some of their chast. Animal proteins, for example. ) of blood – and, perhaps, could still enter the needy people. Do you personally share this view that the domestic is always better, especially if it is cheaper? Example of savings on health, or how not to do if… If you value your life and zdorovem. The value of human relationships, health, family affection do not pass – tested in difficult conditions, they are even more valuable and znachimymi. Save budget money, do not get sick in the prevention – this is a public benefit masshtaba. Well, think of it, would take a child that skinny body and silly face – this is “our everything” Beauty and umnoty. If you’re lucky – the milk in the house will be, if not – the child will be left without breast kashi. V 90s of last century, milk was a deficit – mothers of children born 20 years ago, well remember the line, which had to be noted by no later than 5:00 am. It was like this. ) That there are, for example, the illusion of “buy domestic, buy cheap”? There are times where saving NEDOPUSTIMA. And get enough animal protein, supplemented by a vegetable (soy). One of St. Save on health can not be – then still be more expensive. And if you add up the results of the impact of advertising of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, lifestyle (”the smartest run for beer”)? Firms) to control the security was (and, obviously, remain) head and shoulders above pasterovtsev, while pasterovtsev all was not finalized – but who cared if it was possible to save millions of francs, and even to make “his”? Understanding the “essential” purchases, not all the same. The second condition: if you really search and find vegetable protein, for a variety of supplements and diet. Under two conditions: if it is not genetically modified. Crises come and go but life goes on. Savings – it contagious.

Twas persisted and after a scandal. “… A 200 stations of blood transfusion only in August 1985 were infected 1600 patients… “- Louis Brower,” Pharmaceutical and Food Mafia “with. Pochemu? – Washing powder) instead of meat and milk? Soy protein is, of course, too good.?

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