What determines health?

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Compare – medicine identifies only 12% of health cheloveka. And we and our children exist on the 30%. And to build new cells constantly need new foods – more than a hundred. And few know that these measures are very few to be zdorovym. This is the main factor determining the health and longevity. The most acute problem not only for Russia but for all developed countries – a deficiency in the diet of so-called micronutrients. They pogibnut. Elektromagnitnye radiation appliances – televisions, refrigerators, microwave – oven, repeatedly reflected from the concrete skeletons of our homes, run through our body also mnogokratno. And no matter how we tried to diversify your diet: eat fruits and vegetables – 3 times a day. Of course, tell you who does not want? As is well known health – the basis for any happiness. Half of Russia’s population drinks substandard and thus poisoned water. No modern lifestyle does not allow us to eat right. And we thank God, we can affect it. The third factor affecting our health – it’s food. First of all vitamins and minerals, the most important regulators of all functions of our body. Vtoroy factor affecting our health – it’s ecology. Good day, dear readers. There is a feature of the Russian character: “While the thunder breaks out, the peasant will not cross. Try to give the car a mere 30% of gasoline or oil, how far it is going away? The first factor is the stress: stress at work, outdoors, at home.

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