Who needs our health

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Not everyone is given health – even in a correct way of life. The child has the right to healthy parents, a sacred right, the right to life. And the well-oiled brain can work for nothing or for evil, and the most balanced mind – not of happiness and success. Harmonic, perfect sanity even rarer than the fullness of physical health, and a hundred times more difficult to reach. Yes, but not always. Spiritual health – health is in health and in disease. But not to cause anguish and despair. The child needs our freshness, vigor and vitality, clarity of our mind, liveliness reactions, visual intuition, tireless, the stock of energy! Sadly, to be sure. But look around, compare. And it is not only a healthy heredity. After the health of their own, nothing is more important for our children than our own, parental health. If there is no health. How often and how criminally we forget about it, ignoring the other, destroying themselves. Also not a reason – not to despair, nor to retreat.

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