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French physicians, in 60 of the last century, it was shown that an extract of the bark of African plum (Pygeum africanum) is effective in treating BPH. Lycopene – the pigment that gives tomato red, and belongs to the carotenoids, are mainly from the peel tomatoes. It should be remembered that selenium should not take more than 70 micrograms for adults per day without a doctor’s recommendation. He is phenomenal in its properties. Men beg their full attention, because that is the product directly otnositsyak health of men. Beta-sitostirol safflower seed prevents the synthesis of prostaglandins in the prostate, reducing congestion, swelling and inflammation and pain when urinating. What makes this product so beneficial to men’s health? Hello Friends, Today we continue to explore production of FLP. To change these statistics require active preventive care for men, which can have FOREVER SIMPLE-6. In addition, FOREVER SIMPLE-6 contains a powerful antioxidant and anticancer compounds such as lycopene, vitamin E and selenium. This is a product with universal deystviem. It is established that selenium protects the sperm motility and serves as an active assistant vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant.

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