Man, food and health

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“Nutrition should be your medicine, medicine should be your food” GippokratEkspertami World Health Organization found that the health of modern man depends on: 1. Medicine-10-15% 2. On the eve of the third millennium, humanity has decided, finally, the problem of how to live long, be healthy and beautiful at the same time. Environment-15-20% 3. These essential substances the human body can not synthesize, so we must include their daily diet. Lekarstvennye drugs by their very nature can not play any role in the care of health, on the contrary, help to acquire more and more diseases. Social factors (nutrition, lifestyle) -50-65% of chronic stress, the nature of our food and “achievements” of the food industry, we see almost every day on our television screens in a frightening and NTV 1kanala, completely changed the chemical composition of pischi. Pochemu modern doctors prescribed, mainly pharmaceuticals, pretending that they know nothing about alternative means of prevention and treatment? Most of the world’s leading scientists believe that today, found the perfect, safe and reliable way to maintain health and youth for many years

|: The quality of products, some lying on the products

Iron is essential for transporting oxygen to the cells. Potatoes in their skins or bez. However, to speed up metabolism and appetite for sweet satisfaction can help. It is believed that most vitamin C include oranges and lemons, but richer in vitamin C is a kiwi, and more vitamin C and contain rose oblepiha. Eto you also be interested in: Milk – it helps or hurts? But in a reasonable amount of chocolate good for the body. Vy heard or read that dark chocolate less calories than milk? Ostraya food metabolizm. Bitter is better than milk shokolad. In terms of nutrients between the two makes no difference, only in black food coloring added. Remember that no one will save your health is not better than you do. This is not the case. Lemons contain no sahar. Perhaps surprisingly, that the goose fat, despite the fact that relates to animal fats, which says that because of the high proportion of saturated fatty acids raise blood cholesterol levels, equivalent to olive oil levels of unsaturated fatty acids. Olive oil is most useful for health. Konechno you heard many times that the lower-calorie margarine than oil, and therefore more useful. The same process occurs when building muscle mass and hardening. That same effect and very hot food. So throw out the idea that oil is dangerous to health. Nepravilno food can greatly affect the quality and life expectancy. Oranges facilitate the absorption of iron from food. Wrong. Is orange juice makes the absorption of iron? Margarine or maslo. Our health and beauty. Dark chocolate is preferable only in terms of carbohydrate content. But even more useful sunflower oil and soybean. What we do every day determines the quality and duration of our lives. What kind of nonsense about the quality of products have you heard? But the peel contains few nutrients. Or, for example, that will speed up your metabolism and weight loss will give rise to? Both are wrong. Vspomnite how many times have you heard that potato peel contains many nutrients. Speeds up the metabolism and the digestion of proteins. It provides them less than milk.

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