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Want to improve your health?

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This is probably the most important question for any man. So if you do decide to give preference to the vodka, do not mix it with tonic water: carbon dioxide accelerates the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Until now, many are wrong, considering complexes of yoga is not complicated. Yoga or gym? Running increases [...]

Child and Adolescent Health

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Because of the low fertility populations in the total population of 4. 3 level. 5. 5-fold, and in connection with alcoholism and narkominiey-2 raza. Tsentry Argo located in all major cities of Russia and neighboring centers in zarubezhyaAdresa svyazi. Vozmozhna personal delivery by mail. For the first time in 40 years, doctors are faced with [...]

Energy and body

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Through such an effect increases dramatically energy. They are trained to breathe slowly, making a deep breath. And with new powers to take on new projects. A method called “Yogi Complete Breath” great massages the internal organs and has a positive effect on the brain. People with a strong energy is always cheerful, positive emit [...]

Intestinal flora and health

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This means that people (especially children) get sick more often and harder, antibiotics do not help the overall picture of health is deteriorating. None of the chemical product does not make it as safe and effective! Let us consider the effect of beneficial microflora in women’s health, and what happens when the healthy microflora little [...]

Your health as long as it’s not a private

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Sick society has passed the stage of chronic disease. On Combating severe illnesses such as cancer, and can not speak. Sorry for the sharpness of the address of official medicine. Therefore, to medicine and indifferent people should not be. It is more realistic, because each focuses on care of themselves, their own health, rather than [...]