Health or wealth?

Finance – Health. Problems with finances can lead to health problems. In times of financial crises and shocks not only increased the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Constant anxiety, depression, gastric ulcer gastritis, regular headaches, insomnia – just a few consequences of the experience of crisis. In order to survive financial setbacks, most people can (and some time!) To drink alcohol, “fill in the mountain”, usually smoke, and returning home – sweet to lean on, to get at least some pleasure. During the crisis, more attention is paid to the financial sector, rather than health. When symptoms of disease, the likelihood that people will immediately consult a doctor, pass the necessary tests, will complete examination and cure (while spending a lot of money on medicines) is much smaller than in the more tranquil and volatile periods. Conversely, a caring attitude to health (supported) can significantly improve the quality of life. It’s no secret that the medicine is free only on paper (although there are exceptions, there are still enthusiastic doctors who do not require additional money). Good survey, qualitative diagnosis and competent advice and treatment (add to that the cost of drugs and medical procedures) will cost a pretty penny. But in the end it turns out that the money spent on treatment of the disease at an early stage – nothing compared to the same treatment for the disease in its advanced. In a sense, it can be considered as an investment “in itself”: spending a certain amount of money today, you can avoid much greater costs later. And kept your own health. And what a joy on the financial well-being is a person who wasted his physical and mental health to achieve this very well? Conclusion: The need to economize on health is not – and in bad habits. There is no money to dine in restaurants – it’s for the better. First of all, dinner is better to give the enemy (this is still a popular proverb says). Secondly, domestic food healthier restaurant. No money for cigarettes – have reason to give up the habit. No money for gasoline – and you’ve been rode public transportation? If, before your work is not so far away it might be worth a walk on foot? And of transport you can always get a few stops before your destination to stroll.